We are a global solutions provider with unique skills in very high volume data processing, visualization, and analysis. All these skills come together in our RFID solutions– where we help manufacturing, supply chains, and distribution companies acquire greater visibility into their work processes and inventory management.Our ability to aggregate, process, and analyze huge amounts of data in real-time, makes our customers more reactive and agile. Our clients list includes verticals as diverse as banking and commodity trading, defense, food tracking and certification, and automotive manufacturing.
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Data Aggregation & Analysis

Data Aggregation

  • High-speed, secure, and reliable
    data acquisition through both custom/proprietary and standards-based hardware
  • Real-time streaming statistical
    and mathematical analysis, including pattern recognition, signal analysis and information aggregation
  • Embedded integration with
    PLC controllers, RFID and barcode printers, scanners, and industrial sensors and data acquisition devices
  • Processing & Visualization

    Complex Plots

    • Hardware accelerated and optimized
      high-volume multi-dimensional data visualization
    • Patented extreme performance
      engine for business information and pattern recognition, neural network based knowledge aggregation, and “process pattern” analysis
    • Customizable business rules
      modules engine for complex business logic processing and ERP/MIS integration
    Web Development

    Web Data Window

  • Java/J2EE and PHP Framework
    based AJAX web development for near real-time data visualization
  • Mobile Application Development
    for Android and Blackberry devices
  • Integration with Google Maps
    for geographical data analysis and visualization, and integration with Google and other popular Web Services frameworks
  • Open Source consulting,
    implementation, customization, and integration for fast, reliable, and cost-effective IT solutions

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